Friday, December 7, 2012

Floating in the Aqua Green

Hola and welcome to my new blog!  This is my opportunity to start writing on a regular basis and your opportunity to read everything I have to say about living in Tulum, Mexico.  I just moved here two days ago and will stay through the "winter."  Winter is in quotes because I grew up in upstate western New York and spent ten years in Vermont.  It's permanent summer here, sunny and 80 degrees todos los dias.  Winter doesn't exist really.  I'm used to snow tires, icy breath, shoveling snow, long johns and wool socks.  Christmas goes hand in hand with snow, or at least wishing for snow seeing as how the current state of global warming is extending it's hand over the northeast.  Christmas decorations on palm trees seems like a farce.  It reminds me of people who throw those Christmas in July parties which never once made any sense to me simply because it's hot out and most Northeast Americans I know equate Christmas with cold and snow.  What's the point in celebrating it in July?   Anyhow, I digress. One day I was wearing a winter coat and the next I was wearing flip flops and lubing up with sunscreen.  I have always wanted to live in a tropical climate.  Mostly because you can be outside all the time.  And your home can be built around the outdoors.

The hostel that I will be calling home for a little while is all open.  There is no front door, it's a gate.  There is a ceiling above the tiny kitchen, the reception desk and eating area but other than that it's open to the sky.  There is a huge palm tree stretching fronds up to the second floor/rooftop.  The downstairs corridor is really not a corridor at all.  There is a ceiling with Day of the Dead decal on the crossbeams, there are dorm rooms on the left side and open space with a small pool on the right side.  Everything to the right is just under the sky, no ceiling. The stairs you climb to get to the rooftoop terrace and the second floor dorm room has no covering, it's just open, you are outside.  I love it.  You can't really build like this in the northeast, it's not practical.  When I walk out of my dorm room at night, I can see the stars.  I can live with that.

The colors here are incredibly vibrant.  Not just in the hostel but everywhere.  Colorful hammocks adorn the reception area as well as two small red couches.  When you sit in the hammock and look towards the pool, rays of sunshine fall through the giant palm fronds and make stripes out of the pool ledges and the ground.  You're inside, but you're outside too.  In my moments of raw homesickness, I look at those rays and remember the slate grey days in Rochester that would happen so many in a row you lost count.  The sunshine alone makes it worth it.

I grew up going to the ocean in Maine and Massachusetts.  Gorgeous in it's own way.  The ocean here is what you see in travel brochures.  White sand that doesn't burn your feet.  You don't look like a fool clomping through the sand in sandals lest you remove them and the bottoms of your feet burn.  None of that silliness here.  The sand is as fine as flour.  Palm trees lean over and give you shade should you need it.  The ocean is a polychromatic body of ultimate goodness.  The first bit would be clear but the sand that is kicked up with every wave makes its tan like a pair of khakis.  Then the next bit is aqua green.  Bright aqua green, almost florescent.  It's a color that beckons you to come forth.  When you first step in, it's only slightly chilly, but then you simply want to get to the aqua green part.  Then you swim over some waves and it's bright turquoise.  Similar to the pendants and rings I wear.  The water isn't clear here, but there is no seaweed, almost no debris whatsoever.  Today a sunfish kept swimming in between my legs.  I could see it when it was close to the surface.  As small as it was, I eventually got too freaked out by it as I am by all sea life.  It's completely improbable that the sunfish could ever turn into Jaws but that's usually where my imagination leads to so I had to get out and regroup.  The last bit, the long bit that reaches to the horizon is cobalt blue.   I haven't swum out that far yet, it would take you a good long while to get there, best to take a boat.  You can see huge waves way out in the cobalt which I am pretty sure is where the reef is but I could be wrong.  I am eager to see the ocean as many days as I can while I'm here.  I'm eager to swim in it as many days as I can.  I want to learn this ocean and it's moods.  It's amazing how healing salt and sand can be, anywhere in the world.

Thank you for being part of this little blog I am creating.  I hope you enjoy my posts and I hope they get better and better as I reconstitute that creative part of my brain that hasn't done much writing in mucho anos.  Adios!!          


  1. Love the title!! So glad you are there and feel at home in the gorgeous and warm outdoors. I might be just a teeny tiny bit jealous of you... Can't wait for more posts :)

  2. Beautiful and very Bekka. You sound well!
    I have a hammock like the one pictured, for the attic.
    Keep up the good worlds and images.

  3. So jealous but so happy for you in this new stage...keep posting. I loved reading this. I feel like I'm there with you xx oxoxox

  4. Congrats on your first post B! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to read more! xo

  5. Come visit me in St Thomas for a weekend! It's a quick flight from Cancun! Also, be sure to go and check out Caye Caulker in Belize--it's really close to you! Talk soon, Bramelstiltskin

  6. Thanks everybody for your comments and support!!! I hope you continue to read it!